Being Democratic!

Published May 16, 2014 by udiyo na dariyo


Who said Democracy was best form of Government? It does not matter. It is a theory written in a piece of paper. Formulated and customized by the nations that decided to follow it. Well, indeed, all forms of Governments are indeed expected to be best, in paper, by writers and believers. What was the basic flaw missed in all forms of Governments? No one considered the basis of human psychology, that a person constantly seeks to be recognized and attended to gratify and eventually dominating in his own aura and private space and that space expands eventually as time passes and includes more people that surround him. In such a case, be it Capitalist or Democratic or even Communism, this problem of a group of people trying to capture power from existing group always co-exists. Even terrorism. Its just that an accepted form of Government has set of people who prefer take over and gain power and rule nation within a “socially” accepted form of Government and society instead of socially unaccepted form of philosophy. So, either way, we cannot put our (citizen’s) life’s security in the hands of single group of individuals, when we cannot comprehend a complicated human mind that may or may not turn out to be power-mangers or Minister-turned-dictators with unexpected consequences, as in history. Perhaps, these individuals or group of individuals feel want to be looked at as Gods that humans believe. The very thought of a feeling to be important and powerful over rest of creed, is quiet mystifying. A thoroughly described Orwellian theory persists like the humans or animals of “Animal Farm” or a revolutionary saga of a “1984” turn out to be, distinguishes how humans or animals “learn” to dictate and get avaricious. Man, an “Intelligent” being on earth, invented wheel, lead to invention of barter system and then money and then thoroughly complicated his life. Innate feelings of a human being indeed show a feeling of happiness, sadness, anger besides qualities such as greediness, miserliness, dominating, domineering mind sets. Well, standing today, it is not even self-conscientiously satisfying to even raise a voice and say “hey, we don’t want you to rule us” when it is not even in our hands, anyway. Whether we enjoy the hidden sarcasm of spirituality reflecting in every aspect of “once-chosen, now-out-of-hand” choices and consequences or not, only option left is to accept and let life go, without loss of granule level individuality which is perhaps, the lasting characteristic of our identity.

So, conclusion, set expectations low for any winning party in an election, rather than a “perfect” “idealistic” expectation in an “imperfectly idealizing” world. Campaigning of any sort will not change a future we are going to see soon in our national and state-level politics. Fingers crossed. Stay tuned to a future, a reality that we still don’t know, yet with a hope.